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Fesarta launches transport training courses

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Fesarta launches transport training coursesThe Federation of East and Southern African Road Transport Associations (Fesarta) has been provided a range of e-learning training courses by Transport Logistics Consultants (TLC), which cover a wide range of topics beneficial to transport organisations and their drivers.

The courses are specifically designed to be generic and not specific to one country or region. This makes them a lot more practical for drivers who travel across borders almost daily, and have to contend with different regulations and road safety rules.

“If we consider that Africa has the highest accident and fatality rates in the world, yet the lowest number of vehicles in this industry, then any additional exposure to and facilitation of learning for the drivers can only be of benefit and can result in significant cost saving to the economy of any country,” says Mike Fitzmaurice, CEO of Fesarta.

Topics range from road safety to loading and transportation of hazardous materials, and from driver skills and abilities to first aid and security. These courses are therefore meant to assist drivers to improve their knowledge and familiarise them with changing requirements on our roads.

The courses carry a subscription cost, and certificates of completion will be awarded to successful candidates. There may also be an annual enrolment fee to keep the information live and accessible to the driver.

“Fesarta would like to thank Leon Swanepoel for the creation and development of these courses and the administration of the training function on the Fesarta website, as well as Nick Poreè for his assistance and contribution to these courses,” says Fitzmaurice.

More information on these courses can be found on the Fesarta website.


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