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MAN extends CLA service intervals

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MAN extends CLA service intervals A minimum increase in the kilometre interval of 33 percent is what operators of the MAN CLA range of vehicles can expect going forward.

After careful analysis of the actual running fleet, as well as advanced testing with various oil specifications, the MAN aftersales engineers have given the green light to make tangible service interval extensions to the engines, transmissions and differentials of the CLA product range.

Transport operators will now suffer less down time and the average time spent off the road during services will also be shortened. The savings in labour hours and consumables throughout the vehicle’s life are significant and can be tangibly calculated in the operating cost estimates of the specific operation.

Eren Gunduz, head of truck sales at MAN Automotive, states: “We are delighted to support our customers with this value add to their transport operations during these difficult economic times. CLA will certainly now also prove to be an even bigger consideration for distribution fleet decision-makers, who already seem to choose CLA more often.

“Our field test evaluations have given us confidence that the use of these MAN lubricants really enable us to run with longer drain intervals, and thereby maximise the vehicle’s ability to earn revenue. 

“This follows the recent move to extend the CLA warranty to three years and 300 000 km, further demonstrating our confidence in these budget-segment workhorses."


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